The ÉOLIE range

The simplest wind turbine to assemble, the most accessible and the most awarded.

The Eolie-2m² is particularly suitable for domestic installations thanks to the 5m and 8m high version.

Vertical axis wind turbines, silent and efficient, become accessible thanks to this unique and innovative development. The power covers the basic consumption of the home: a refrigerator, lighting, boxes, ventilation, computers ...

The most powerful, the most modern, the quietest wind turbine.

Equipped with a unique three-bladed propeller of 7m², the wind turbine develops a power of 2000W at 11m / s.

The patented vertical axis wind turbine is available in 230V single-phase and 400V three-phase 50Hz. The wind turbine produces network voltage thanks to its integrated inverter. This innovation eliminates all installation constraints: no batteries, and no worry about distance and line losses.

The energy mix is the ideal solution to have a clean, renewable and balanced energy resource.

ÉOLIE sizes the electrical architecture according to the consumption, peak power, cycles, and renewable energy availability.

From the concept to the deployment of the architecture on site, ÉOLIE supports its customers by ensuring the optimization of the system. ÉOLIE relies on the best solar partners to provide quality solutions to its customers.

The "semi-islanding kit" is the perfect add on to the wind turbine. It generates an autonomous 230V network, for energy autonomy.

In the event of a power failure on the main network, the system immediately provides a network which ensures the availability of energy.

The system is fitted with a 10kWh battery pack which provides autonomy for several days, while recharging with the grid wind turbine or any other grid compatible renewable system. The instantaneously  power can reach 2400W, making it possible to maintain an ideal level of comfort, even in total autonomy.

When projects are out of box, ÉOLIE offers tailored solutions.

Based on its design and R&D skills, the company can develop personalized wind turbines, adapted to all constraints.

Whether for a unique architectural project, such as for the Center Parc Disneyland Paris, a tropicalized wind turbine, reinforced for extreme marine environments such as the Sea Explorer sailboat, or a unique concept of a vertical axis pumping wind turbine, such as for the City of Uccle, ÉOLIE designs solutions that matches any needs.