A french company with guaranteed french design

Eolie is a French company, conceived to create industrial future energy markets and to provide the “best way to build”, for our customer’s needs thanks to our vertical wind turbines. Since our beginnings in 2011, EOLIE has been building wind turbines for individuals to provide, locally, an electrical energy supply solution. The Eolie-2m² are vertical wind turbines produced responsibly, drawing on a network of French and European suppliers. The founder and director of EOLIE, Renaud Hesnard, is an engineer specialized in vertical wind turbine expertise whose objective is to raise this industrial company to the forefront of the wind turbine market for individuals, by creating a benchmark French brand.

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A new-born innovative company


EOLIE is a French company specialized in the design and manufacture of vertical wind turbines for individuals.
The innovations developed by the company permits us to offer a unique wind turbine: the ÉOLIE-2m², which can be easily assembled and plugged into a simple electrical outlet. This real alternative in terms of electricity supply allows its customers to reduce the electricity consumption of their homes through local self-consumption of energy, and to respect social and environmental ethics. The company, founded in 2011, has two key patents in the field of vertical axis wind power and aims to position itself as a benchmark player in the supply of domestic energy.

Manufactured “Made in France”

EOLIE’s location? Headquarters and factory are located in Rueil-Malmaison, near Paris.

Its patents guarantee the uniqueness of the Éolie-2m² machine and include registrations on:
- the propeller, hyperboloid in shape, the blades of which are provided with a composite structure resulting from pultrusion. This innovation allows it to have the thinnest, most efficient and quietest blades on the market.
- the structure of the wind turbine, inclined a few degrees, and which only rests on a single bearing. This solution simplifies the mechanics of the machine and increases its longevity.