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Installation recommendation

All wind turbines are designed to be easily installed. With the network range, your electrical installation remains unchanged: the Éolie-2m² domestic wind turbine connects to a simple dedicated electrical outlet.
Eolie can assist you, in the case of a complex installation (hybrid, or a stand-alone system), for the complete realization of an autonomous system.

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To install your wind turbines, follow a few simple recommendations:

- Choose a well-exposed location on your property, away from disturbed areas. EOLIE recommends the wind turbines to be at least twice the height of the obstacles.

- Make sure you are in a suitable environment: the wind does not rush into valleys or high-density areas. On the contrary, the topography of a relief or a ridge considerably accelerates the wind.

- Do not hesitate to buy a hand-held anemometer. Give preference to cup anemometers with a vertical axis.

- Should you have any questions? We are present and at your disposal, throughout your project.