Mix d’énergies-en

Energy mix

Energy mix is the perfect combination of wind and solar.

EOLIE tailors your architecture to perfectly match your expectations. EOLIE designs dedicated structure to mount the solar panels very simply. This structure makes the maintenance and the cleanage of the panel very simple, and the space under the solar panels and the wind turbine are still usable, contrary to more basic systems.

The mix can be completed with an islanding pack, to prevent from grid fall, and even make the house totally independant.


-from 300W to 50KW.
-Integrated inverter.
-galvanised steel frame.
-solar shade or on ground structure.


-Éolie-2m², Éolie-7m²
-direct grid injection
-Self mounting or Eolie service.


-Direct connection to the network for self-consumption
-Possible installation of an islanding kit.
-Total autonomy on request.