Pack “maison secourue”-en

"semi-islanding" pack

The "semi-islanding" pack allows both to operate in self-consumption with the grid, and to operate in complete autonomy when the grid get fallen.

When the grid is available, home is supplied both by renewable local energy and by the grid. Energy is clean and 100% available. The solution is the perfect combination of renewable energy and grid comfort.
If the network drops, the essential equipment (refrigerator, lighting, sockets, box ...) remain operational and the house is powered by a 2400W inverter. The system is loaded by the wind turbine and other renewable energy sources untill the grid get back.

Technical data

-Capacity 10kWh
-Instantaneous power: 2400W
-Continuous power type lighting: 1200W
-Continuous power any type of load: 1000W
-Switching in case of grid failure : automatic

Charging compatibility

-Network (when available)
-Éolie-2m², Éolie-7m²
-Grid tied solar panels.


-Automatic safety braking.
-VDE0126-1-1 approved - European network.

Composition of the 10kWh kit

-Fully equipped battery cabinet (battery, safety box, connectors, cables, fuses).
-Functional connection box (circuit breaker, insulation, differential)
-Programmed network inverter allowing automatic switching in the event of a power cut.

Turnkey solution

The kit includes all the equipment allowing assembly in accordance with NF15-100 standards on personal safety, and on the decree of April 4, 2010 on batteries and respect for the environment.