The vertical axis propeller, a unique innovation

EOLIE axe vertical avenir

A compagny that  focuses on its know-how : the Darrieus propeller

After several years of development and research, tests and optimization, we have finally obtained optimum, silent and safe vertical axes rotors. The exclusive and patented manufacturing process implies materials made by the best suppliers such as SAFRAN. EOLIE internally makes all the wind turbine’s components and shafts with a unique manufacturing process to get best efficient Darrieus rotors.

The vertical axis wind turbines for low height masts

The Darrieus wind turbines are specifically well fitted to energy production for small systems.

The characteristics of the Darrieus wind turbine are the best solutions to harvest energy from variable winds (gusts, acceleration, direction changes) such as winds close to the ground.
Unlike the conventional horizontal axis wind turbines, the vertical ones (VAWT) do not require orientation depending on the wind. The rotor is able to harvest energy whatever the direction the wind blows in, even gusts.
During wind orientated shifts, which are very frequent at low height, the vertical axis wind turbine keeps on producing energy thanks to the rotor’s efficiency. That’s why they produce more energy than conventional wind turbines. It’s very well known that VAWT are the key for small applications, and more especially the Darrieus ones, which are faster and more efficient than the Savonius ones. EOLIE has developed the Know-How of this very particular aerodynamic as well as the mechanical behavior of these machines, and uses it to produce VAWT for its customers.

EOLIE axe vertical

Grid injection electronics

turbine electronic on board

EOLIE has developed a wind turbine that can be plugged into a single socket.

To democratize small wind turbines, it seemed obvious to our team that the company had to offer a simple, obvious grid injection solution. By developing specific electronics, integrated directly into the generator, EOLIE has been able to eliminate the main drawback of domestic wind power: complexity!

The wind turbine has its network inverter, integrated in the base. This measures the network voltage, synchronizes with 50Hz, and injects in phase with the current. Thus, you benefit from clean energy, without battery and without a switch: you supplement the production of the wind turbine by the network. Thus, if the wind is insufficient, the same level of comfort is maintained.

The know-how of tomorrow

By maintaining its R&D efforts, the firm keeps on developing solutions to improve its wind turbine and enlarges its range of products.

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