Schulerimmo Luxembourg solarwind

A pumping wind turbine in the town of Uccle in Belgium

The environment department of the municipality of Uccle (Belgium) entrusted us with its project to develop a tailor-made wind turbine to supply water to the rain garden. The aim is to reduce the risk of flooding while promoting the development of the municipality's biodiversity.
After months of design and testing, EOLIE installed the first vertical axis pumping wind turbine.
Innovative, silent, useful and integrated into the framework, the project achieves 100% of the client's objectives.

Schulerimmo Luxembourg solarwind

ÉOLIE has installed 8 wind turbines on the "pôle multimodal de Chambéry"

The new Chambery car park of the city center, clore the TGV railway station, is fitted fwith 8 EOLIE wind turbines.

The very low consumption building has been thought with strong environment care. It uses wind energy to power directly its equipments by self consumting local harvested energy.

Schulerimmo Luxembourg solarwind

Installation of a wind turbine on the new INEO ENGIE agency of Normandy

EOLIE deployed a VAWT on the totally new agency of INEO ENGIE Le Havre. The very bas weather of the inauguration day was perfect to demonstrate to invited partners and customers how work the wind turbine.

As a pioneer and in order to encourage innovation, ENGIE Ineo has installed this new wind turbine on its site, and will install the range of wind turbines designed by ÉOLIE with its customers in the Normandy region.

eolie parking entreprise VAWT

News EOLIE-6m in Belgium

With the inauguration of its new headquarters on June 30, 2018, De Troyer has demonstrated its commitment to new technologies and sustainable development by installing the first Éolie-2m² on 6m mast in Belgium. It is with this in mind that the Eolie company was naturally chosen for its ability to design cutting-edge equipment, with future-oriented technologies.
These Éolie-2m² in a 6m high version are an evolution of the Éolie500, the first industrialized vertical wind turbine in France.
On this occasion, officials of the city of Aalst were present at the party organized for the inauguration of the new building, a sign of the recognition of the need for breakthrough technologies for sustainable development.
All the electricity produced by the new high-efficiency wind turbines will be used directly at the company's premises, providing its occupants with an energy mix between the regional electricity grid and green, clean and on-site electricity.

eolie-8m didactique enseignement wind turbine vawt

Didactic equipment

May 2018, EOLIE launches the first installation of wind turbines for vocational training.

The teaching systems allow teachers to enter into the design of wind turbines, their maintenance and their regulation. By taking control of the inverter, the trainer can explain and detail each step in the transformation of energy, materialize self-consumption, and the importance of regulating the wind turbine.

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ÉOLIE at Village Nature

2017, EOLIE installs around ten wind turbines on the roofs of the new Centerparc - Disney.

EOLIE has installed a series of wind turbines on the magnificent Centerparc Disney site in Seine et Marne. This new installation, with its constraints and an assembly specifically developed for the customer, allowed the company to demonstrate the adequacy between the tertiary building and the company's vertical axis wind turbine.