Éolie 2m²-en


Technical data :

-Swept area: 2m²
-High efficiency permanent magnet generator (95%)
-Grid tied integrated inverter, inside the mast.
-Direct injection, without electrical cabinet.
-Power at 11m/s : 500W

Dimensions :

-5m or 8m high.
-Darrieus fan, hyperboloidal with carbon blades.
-Unique architecture, easy to assemble.
-Maintenance from the ground.
-Weight: 110Kg / 240Kg

Security :

-Automatic safety braking.
-VDE0126-1-1 approved - European network.

Performance :

-Start speed: 3.5m/s (12km / h)
-Rated speed: 11m/s (40km / h)
-Automatic safety speed: 25m/s (90km / h)
-Survival speed: 60m/s (220km / h)